Sapa – a must-see destination

Sapa is a highland town belonging Lao Cai province in the North West region of Vietnam. Its average elevation is approximately 1600 m. The highest peak, Fansipan is 3134 m (10,312 ft.) considered “the roof of Indochina”. Due to its high position, this place has a wonderful climate. Its temperature usually varies from -1 oC to 29 oC (average 15.4 oC (59.7 oF). There are lots of amazing attractions you can admire here including dramatic mountains, poetic rivers and waterfalls, and impressive rice terraced fields.

Life in Sapa reflects cultural diversity

Sapa is home to six ethnic groups including Hmong (52%), Dao (25%), Viet (15%), Tay, Giay, Xa Pho. Viet group gathers in the town living from agriculture and commercial services. The other groups inhabit in different communes surrounding the town and make their living from agriculture and forestation. They are well known for making handicraft products.

Sapa is a great destination

When the French came and established here as a luxury resort in the early 20 century due to its location and ideal climate. By 1943 there were more than 200 villas here. Unfortunately, they were almost destroyed by war.
Today Sapa becomes one of the most famous places in Vietnam. Come here you would have an opportunity to explore diversity of ethnic cultures, enjoy fresh air and admire the beauty of mountains with spectacular terraced fields.