Mai Chau is getting more and more popular. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to explore the beauty of hills and villages scattered around this valley as well as experience the way of local life in the mountainous region. We are here to provide Mai Chau highlights to make sure your trip will be enjoyable.

Mai Chau – a culturally and ethnically diverse place

Mai Chau covers an area of over 57,000 ha. Generally, based on terrain features, it can be divided into two zones: lowlands and highlands. The highest point is Pa Co commune with its elevation over 1,500m and the lowest point is a beautiful valley of Mai Chau town, about 220m above sea level.

Mai Chau highlights
Mai Chau Valley

Situated in the Northwest portion of Vietnam, Mai Chau is a highland district belonging to Hoa Binh province. Just 135 km from the capital of Hanoi, it is easy to make a one or more-day trip to explore this beautiful destination. The journey from Hanoi to this beautiful town takes from 3 to 4 hours depending on which transport (car, van, bus, or motorbike) you use and how fast your chosen vehicle goes.

There are more than 60,000 people inhabiting this place. Most of them are the Muong, Thai, H’mong, Dao ethnic people, and the Viet people. Thai, H’mong and Dao migrated here in different times and made their living from growing, raising, gathering, hunting, weaving brocades. Each has their own culture and language.

Mai Chau Highlights – a must-do!

Enjoying local food made by Thai family.

Experience shopping at local markets

Hiking over amazing trails in valleys and mountains

Watching the Thai’s dance and trying their local wine

Climbing to explore natural caves of Chieu and Mo Luong

Cycling through rice fields and hamlets scattered around greenish hills

Strolling along streams and rivers, and around the rustic villages of the Thai people

Mai Chau highlights - Xam Khoe village
Xam Khoe village

Attractions around Mai Chau – a must-see!

Flagpole of Mai Chau. This is a great spot for observing a panoramic view of Mai Chau Valley

Markets of the Muong along Thung Khe Pass. Before approaching Mai Chau Valley, we need to drive over Thung Khe Pass where the Muong people sell their products along the way.

Pa Co Market, 30 km Northwest of Mai Chau town. Every Sunday, H’mong people from surrounding villages come for trading and exchanging their own products as well as meeting for social interactions.

Villages of the White Thai, Muong, and H’mong people.  

Ba Khan lake with interesting activities such as boat rides and kayaking.

Chieu Cave, accessible by climbing over 1200 stone steps. You will then admire a great panorama of this amazing valley.

Best time to visit Mai Chau

Best time to visit Mai Chau
Mai Chau in the beginning of October

Mai Chau generally is nice to visit all year round. The district’s climate experiences two distinct seasons. The rainy season lasts from May to October, mostly concentrated rainfall from July to September. This period is hot and humid. From May to July, it is the time the temperature often reaches very high, approximately 35°C. The dry season lasts from November to April. From November to January, the temperature is low, approximately 16°C.

According to our experience, the rice harvest season which lasts from September to mid-October is probably the best time to experience. Coming here this time, you will have the opportunity to admire stunning scenery from the golden color of ripe rice fields, magnificent mountains with pleasant weather.

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